The production plants are well configured with a variety of equipments in such a way that we achieve the optimum level of Quality & Consistent production.

  • Production: Dyes Plant - Dyes & Dye Intermediate Plants
  • Production: Dyes Plant - B
  • Production: Dyes Plant - C
  • Spray Drier - No. 1
  • Spray Drier - No. 2
  • Spray Drier - No. 3
  • Packing Unit: A & B

  • Blenders - 10000 kgs capacity - 1 Nos
  • Blenders - 5000 kgs Capacity - 5 Nos
  • Blenders - 2000 kgs capacity - 2 Nos
  • Ball Mills - 2000 kgs Capacity - 3 Nos.

Reverse Osmosis Unit: For Salt Free R/O dyes.

We use 3 separate Plants & Driers for Light Shades, Dark Shades & Medium Shades. Thus by doing so we are able to avoid contamination in the products and also achieve production efficiency.

All plants have a dedicated process control laboratory to monitor the production batches at various stages so that consistent product quality comes out. Our company has just the right technical personnel to operate the plant.

The power supply is uninterrupted as we have three generators besides AEC supply. Similarly we have enough water supply. The plants have various types of reactors such as C.I. sulfonators, S.S. reactors for nitration, condensation, hydrolysis etc. The dyes plants have several reactors which are rubber lined and brick lined. The other process equipments include several filter presses, centrifuges, filter nutches and many other balancing equipments to process the batches.

To control production of quality products ICL has individuals laboratories for process control attached to the plants. There are quality assurance laboratories for ensuring quality inputs and final products. All the products are tested rigorously using both conventional methods and instrumental methods. The company has most sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV/VIS spectrophotometer and colour matching computers.

The company has well trained, highly qualified technical staff and computerized office documentation system, it also owns latest amenities such as internet, fax machines, photocopier machines and scanners which assist in the speedier communication and documentation. About 200 manpower work for the company. The company is always looking for newer trends in the field and abreast with the latest developments in this sphere. Equally interested is the concern for the environment, the company gives high priority for pollution control and maintaining green environment.

- Production Quality

Consistent quality at the right time forms the crux of our production policy. Our products have found international acceptance because of the consistency in quality. Even the most skeptic multinationals have given a nod of affirmation to our products. Keeping pace with the latest technology world over helps our cause.

Future Prospects

With our modernization and expansion in year 2003, our installed production capacity has reached 12000 MT/ year. We are very strong in Reactive dyes of different series like Monochloro Triazine, Dichloro Triazine, Bi-functional, High Exhaust, Mulitifunctional, etc. We have separate production plant for Blue Dyes. We have 35% capacity reserved for direct and acid dyes, which includes Leather Dyes.We constantly upgrade our qualities and introduce new shades as per customer's requirements.

Dedicated Work Force

Our most valuable assets are the most dynamic force of our company. Our dedicated workforce of 200 plus comprises of technocrats and professionals who are constantly learning and improving to be high on work efficiency.

Indo Colchem has always evolved and imbibed the unique concept of Total Quality Leadership.

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